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7 days

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The Whales are BACK!

The season has started with a soft launch, before going into full swing on the 1st June 2024
Over 40,000 of these magnificent creatures will pass our way between now and November.
Going out to see them is a truly uplifting experience and they and us welcome you to come and see them in their natural habitat.

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Get up close and personal!

A whale at Nelson Bay

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Intelligent, Inquisitive & Playful

Ferry to Tea Gardens 😀

Departs@ 8.00am-11.30am-3.30pm
From outside our office in Nelson Bay

                   Estuary Fishing charters

Up to 5 adults for a 5hr fishing adventure with your own guide, all fishing gear, sunscreen and bottled water. Bring your own food and drink. 

5hrs - starts at $600

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Fishing in Port Stephens

Quad Biking

Riders 16 & Over only

Experience the Port Stephens sand dunes

Beach & Dune Adventure

Find pippies & slide the dunes

Feed a Stingray 🤿

Snorkel with sharks - great day out

Luxury Lunch & Sunset Cruises

Decadent, Glorious & Deserved! 

All bookings phone 0423 333 570 

to Prebook your cruise

Max 12 people

Fully Catered or BYO Options

Kayaks & SUP's

Now with see through kayaks & motherships

All Island Cruises

See the amazing Port Stephens islands

Port Stephens

Marine Discovery Snorkelling cruise

Awesome guided snorkel 

Starts Dec 2024

Food & Drink in Port Stephens

About our dolphins

Our dolphins are intelligent, inquisitive and playful

They have to come up to breathe every 20 minutes or so (including when sleeping) and they just love human interaction.

These pods are unique to Nelson Bay and this is why people travel from all over the world to see them.

Nelson Bay is known as The Dolphin Capital of the World 

Come and join them for a few hours!

Go and visit the Koala Sanctuary at Anna Bay!

Immerse yourself in an idyllic natural koala habitat at the world-class Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary, near Anna Bay. Support vital conservation work of one of Australia's most iconic animals.

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