About us.

Hi and welcome to loveps.au

loveps.au came about after seeing the amount of printed information that was promoted in Port Stephens to advertise all the activities that you can do in this beautiful area.

Sadly, each advertiser was supplying their own information only, usually at best, via a flyer or at worst, a full blown brochure.

In the official information centres they would carry over 10,000 printed promotional items, which are designed to be taken, read and then thrown away.

Our first model was to take all of the information provided by each advertiser from one of these centres and digitalise them all on to one single website.

We then created a QR code which would take visitors to this website.

All of this we were doing before COVID hit us all and certain businesses had to be closed down. 

Compendiums became banned in hotel rooms as they were required to be cleaned before each new visitor arrived.

Luckily for us (and the planet), QR codes became mainstream and everybody learnt how they work and how to get information on to their phone, without needing to use the keyboard.

When Gai from the Dolphin and Whale Watching Booking Agency came onboard, it changed our dynamics even more as she loved the idea of using our 100% recyclable coasters. 

Over one weekend she gave back over 6,000 brochures and pamphlets to the businesses she booked for and on the Monday morning she started just handing out our QR coasters.

Last year she handed out more than 12,000 of them to people who visit and book through her office. 

She estimated that by doing this she had helped save over 300,000 brochures and leaflets from going to landfill.

Gai told us that she was now the first booking agency in the world to carry no official printed material and she hoped this was the start of something new.

Dolphin and Whale Watch Booking Agency - Proud to be a Sponsor of 


Hi, my name is Gai and this is my office 

I run the Dolphin and Whale Watch Booking Agency at   40a Victoria Parade Nelson Bay.  I am also the proud sponsor of the Things to Do section of Loveps.au

When the team from loveps came to see me, I was sceptical about what they could do for me.  After much consideration, I realised that by becoming a sponsor,  loveps could provide me the search engine that I had been looking for, to expose my business to the online market.

I have been happy to sponsor loveps for the last 12 months and have seen a steady increase in our online sales to the point where we are now doing $1,000's of dollars worth of extra sales per month.

I take my hat off to the team as they took my information and made it extremely easy to book any kind of ticket that I provide.

To see what I mean, take a look at 30 things and access any of the booking buttons. (what is advertised, changes as my booking season changes)

To see everything that we book for throughout the year, go to www.loveps.au/things-to-do

This is where all my cruises and activities are held so you can see the kinds of things available throughout the year.

Loveps. is full of information for the person visiting the Bay for the first or the fifteenth time. They offer a Port Stephens Visitors guide which is full of handy information as well as a Port Stephens eating out guide which is broken down into areas and provides again, easy access to information that a holidaymaker needs and wants.

So no more spending $1,000's on brochures which will mostly end up in landfill and no more guilt for me as  the coasters are user friendly and recyclable. 

loveps.au cares about our planet and it shows.

If you wish to contact me to know more about what loveps.au has done for my business, please send a text to 0423 333 570 and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a fabulous time while here visiting our beautiful bay.



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Sat & Sun 9am - 4pm or last cruise of the day